Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday 2 February - Eltham College Class of 1960 Reunion

We had a great turn out at the Skinners Arms on Judd Street near Kings Cross, St. Pancras. This time I decided to to take individual pictures so that new comers could readily identify us - we have changed a little in the last 55 years or so.

John Bingham

Colin Bishop
John Boyd
Julian Hale

Colin Churcher

Dai Bamford

Charles Smith

Rob Carter

John Palmer

Derek Browne

Allan Collins

Dai Rhys-Tyler (Treasurer)

Mike Fulford

Peter Gregory
We raised our glasses to Clive Grenyer, Ian Cunningham, Ray Godfrey, Gethyn Timothy and Roy Bennet who sent their regrets.

Lunch was excellent and we managed to put the affairs of the world in good order.  It was agreed that the next meeting of the group would be on Thursday September 14 2017 at 1200 at the same location. We were pleased to see Alan Collins for the first time and hope to see additional first timers in future. I have made the reservation.

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