Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday 9 June - Portsmouth, HMS Victory and Marie Rose

It was bright and sunny today, yet the people in the underground were quiet and dull - either they got up early to hear about the general election fiasco or it was the beginning of Friday.

The train from Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour was pleasant and pretty fast.  The naval dockyard is very close to the station and we had a good visit to HMS Victory.  Headroom was very low and I found myself almost crawling in places.  There were a number of school groups who were receiving very good teaching from the professional guides.

Officers' Hammocks

Seamen's Hammocks

Nelson's bunk

Medical instruments

The Marie Rose was one of Henry VIII's ships and had been sunk in the Solent for 437 years before it was raised in the 1980s.  Much of the superstructure has been lost but the divers found a great deal of interest and were able to find out about the diets and habits of the people concerned. I found this exhibit interesting but was overwhelmed by the great amount of detail about their finds whereas the Victory was something solid to walk around.

Click here to see all pictures taken at Portsmouth

Back in Paddington we had a drink after some haddock and chips and wandered out on to the Lawn to find an HST which had been painted in early colours and with a GWR crest while the Paddington GWR Military Band tried to play a selection of tunes.  Sadly it was drowned out by thediersel trains and platform announcements.

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