Monday, May 29, 2017

29 May - Oakapple Day

Today is Oakapple Day and also my birthday.  We found some oakapples on the way to Pontcysyllte.
We found an oak tree with lots of oakapple growths
It was raining lightly in Shrewsbury when we left for Chirk.  It is a holiday Monday so we were able to use our two travelling together card.  The weather deteriorated in Chirk.  The walk along to the Pontcysyllte aqueduct was fine although there were not a lot of canal boats in motion - most seemed to be having breakfast.


We returned straight back to Chirk and walked through the canal tunnel to see the Chirk aqueduct then returned for a coffee and a seat in the dry.

The train back to Shrewsbury was very full indeed with people and luggage in the aisle and vestibules.  Not a very safe operation.

Dinner was at the Armoury, lamb for Paul and duck for me, washed down with Salopian Oracle.  An excellent meal.

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