Saturday, May 27, 2017

Friday/Saturday 26-27 May Travel to London then Didcot and Oxford.

Air Canada sucked us in and blew us out as promised.  The flight was was nowhere near full. Lack of integration at Heathrow Bus Station meant they could only sell us a ticket on the bus to Reading and we had to buy separate train tickets.

The Didcot Railway Centre was very good indeed.  The weather was iffy when we arrived but improved to sunny during the afternoon.  There were several old friends such as Hinderton Hall which was a Didcot engine and Cookham Manor which I seem to remember as a Reading engine at one time. The blue King was well maintained but I don't really like the color.

We traveled on to Oxford where the booking clerk spent a lot of time getting the best price for our trip tomorrow to Shrewsbury via Cosford.

Oxford is pretty warm and the hotel is so so - alright for one night.  I will try and post pictures later.

Didcot  GWRS 2017

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