Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday 22 September - Bodnant Gardens

The weather forecast was not too encouraging today but we decided to take the bus from Llandudno Junction to Bodnant.  The walk across the bridge from Conwy was leisurely and we watched a mussel fisherman shoveling his catch into baskets on the pontoon where the mussels are purified.
Mussel cleaning pontoon

It started fine but gradually there was on and off again misty rain which provided different views of the magnificent gardens which have been in National Trust hands since 1949.  The variety of trees and plants is amazing and the small patches of different colors and forms is wonderful.  We walked through the more formal parts and had a drink at the mill close to the stream in the valley.  From there we walked up the valley and made our way back to the entrance area, in easy stages.  We had a little time to wait for the next bus back and had soup and a door step wedge of bread.

We were fascinated by the layers of this tree

Red hot poker

Natural green roof

THis cat was on the lookout for food at the small cafe

This robin was also on the lookout for food

The bus goes on to Eglwysbach a few miles down the road.  We took it on its way out to Eglwysbach and stayed on for the return to Llandidno Junction.  A man got on with an enormous Newfoundland dog.  He put on a bib to take care of the slobber and the dog laid down with all four legs stretched out. The bus stopped quickly and the dog rolled along a few feet.

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