Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wednesday 6 September - Stiperstones

The weather forecast was better today with sunny periods so we decided to go out to Stiperstones a very small village in walking country. Although there was no rain in the forecast a large cloud settled over the area and there was a little drizzle.  It is an area of outstanding natural beauty which was heavily mined for lead and other minerals in the 1800s.  Today the walking tracks are very hilly and rough.  The hillsides are covered in gorse, heather and bracken.

It was possible to get a view of the countryside from the mine tailings

Mary's picture

My picture at the same location

Blackberries were in profusion in places

Heather coloured the hillsides in places

We made our way back down the rocky path made greasy by rain and  sheep droppings and went into the only commercial establishment - the pub.

Steak and kidney pudding with chips and peas. Delicious with a pint of Stonehouse pale.

We had a great conversation with several people in the bar as well as the publican.  A very enjoyable lunch

The bus left on time, although the people in the pub said it frequently left early, and the ride along the very narrow tree lined lanes was uneventful.

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