Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday 21 September - Travel to Conwy

There is a problem with the wi-fi in the room at Conwy but this connection close to the office is working well.  The train journey from Shrewsbury went well in the rain. It was a through train from Cardiff to Holyhead with a reversal at Chester.  Conwy is a request stop but the conductor had things well organized.

The hotel is an old coaching inn tight in the centre of this small UNESCO world heritage town.  The rain had stopped before we arrived  and we had a good walk around the town and an adjacent natural woodland area.

Lucky dogs

Castle Hotel

Conwy with the tide in

A natural green (red) roof in the woodland

I asked at the Tourist Office what were "Caws".  Turns out this is the Welsh for "Cheese".

View from the hotel

Lamb for dinner

Tide's out

Looking across the harbor towards Degasnwy

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