Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday 11 September - A Rainy Day (sort of)

The weather forecast was for rain with showers so it was really a question of dodging the rain, when it wasn't raining the sun shone brightly and photography was good.  I have photographed some of the buildings many times but there is a problem in always carrying a camera around as the building may be in better light and sometimes it is just worth another picture.  The picture above is a case in point.  It is in St. Mary's Place across from the church. It was being painted last year and there was some scaffolding.  Now it can be seen in all of its quirky beauty.

We pass by the Hole in the Wall in Shoplatch every day yet we have never been far enough away from it or stopped to look up.   The detail is very well picked out.
The south end of the station with the signal box on the right and a train to Birmingham departing.  Taken from Shrewsbury castle.
After a visit to Pizza Express we stopped into the Three Fishes.

 The flagship beer now has a brand new badge  to decorate the pump.  Timothy Taylor's Landlord Ale is still my favorite.

Detail on a vacant building in Pride Hill.
Detail in the carving on a building in the Market Square.

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