Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday 2 September - Craven Arms

We took the train on the quick trip to Craven Arms where we visited the Discovery Centre.  We left late and there was a special charter train running 10 minutes behind us.  All along the route there were many photographers with cameras, tripods etc. waiting to see the special.
The special had started out at Preston around 0500 and was going to Carmarthen. It was going well through Craven Arms but the train ahead was stopping at all stations and had already been delayed.
Two Colas Rail class 37s - they were uncomfortable to ride in when new in the late 1960s.
Seen on a notice in the window of a shop in Craven Arms:



The mind boggles.
From Google
We are looking for a driver who is over 21 and will also be catching chickens on farms.You need to have an "I can do" attitude and be a good team player. Our job is not the most glamorous and the hours are not 9-5. 
The walk down by the river is always peaceful and interesting. There was a group of small kids learning to ride bikes. They first went round a circuit on bikes with the pedals removed. Later on they went using bikes with the pedals reattached.

Our progress was closely followed by a team of crows

Click here to see all pictures taken at the Craven Arms Discovery Centre

Lunch was at the Stokesay Inn where I had gammon, egg and chips

Waiting for the train to return to Shrewsbury I watched a train taking the switch for the Central Wales line.

The train first stops on the southbound track at the signal box at the north end of the station 
It then gets the signal to cross over to the northbound line

It makes the station stop on the northbound line

Then takes the switch to the Central Wales line at the south end of the Craven Arms platform

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