Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday 4 September - Bishops Castle

Back bacon and egg from the market. The bacon was about 1/4 inch thick. The bread was whole wheat fried in olive oil.

The bus ride out to Bishops Castle is always pleasant. Minsterley Motors run from the Shrewsbury bus station through Pontesbury, Minsterley and through the countryside to Bishops Castle. There is one delightful wooded valley section but the country is mostly open fields of sheep with some cattle. Bishops Castle is mostly one steeply graded winding narrow street with a cross road and small square high up.

The decoration on some of the houses is well thought out. 

Of course we gravitated to the Three Tuns brewery, the oldest licensed brewery in the country (1642)

I tried three of the beers on offer. From left to right:
Golden Spicy Bitter; Cleric's Cure, India Pale Ale; Rantipole, ultra light bitter

We have found the kitchen to be very good. Hake with chorizo.

Very tender duck breast with potatoes and red cabbage and a redcurrant sauce

The cat which had been our guide around the small town square was sitting on the window ledge of the Three Tuns as we left,

This interesting building is on the main street opposite the bus stop.
Mailing our claim form for the delay at Abergavenny last week using a Victorian letter box.

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