Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday 8 September - Ludlow and A Midsummer Night's Dream

The railway ride to Ludlow is always pleasant. Green pastures for cattle and sheep, rolling hills, many forested, occasional ploughed fields.  Small communities such as Church Stretton overshadowed by Long Mynd.

Ludlow is on a much smaller scale compared to Shrewsbury although many of the listed buildings are well maintained and some have exceptional decorations.

This was the first day of the Food Festival but we decided to skip this in favor of a walk along the river Teme.
The reflection in the river was superb. One duck provided a cebtre of inbterest but then many others ruined the smooth water

We had a good lunch in the Mill on the Green, in a pleasant shady patio with a good view of the bridge, the river and the many ducks.
I had Ox tongue which was excellent, very tender.
The weather was very strange at times.  It was cloudy with sunny periods and the sun became stronger and more frequent.  However, there would be periods of rain with strong sunlight.
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This evening we went to a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream by The Pantaloons at the Theatre Severn.  It was a very entertaining performance.  The five person group started out by gaining the audience participation and we were in stitches throughout the performance.  There was a great deal of ad libbing, most of which was programmed but there were a couple of occasions, such as a girl in the front row had to leave and return to go to the toilet.  The company is pretty young, they would need to be with all the jumping around.  A great performance which followed pretty much the original script.

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