Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday 29 December - Rubber tired trams

The weather forecast was for heavy rain today and it proved correct.  I decided to get a Mobilis ticket and ride some more trams.  I took the metro to Saint Denis Porte de Paris and rode the tram T8 but this time to the shorter branch up to Ville Tanneuse.  This is right next to the Grand Ceinture freight line and I could see the station for the T11 tram train line but there were no signs telling me how to get there.  I get the impression that although this line is open it is not "officially" part of the network being poorly signposted and not shown on any maps. I took the tram to Dugny station but it was not apparent how to get to the Georges Valblon Parc. It was raining anyway.

Tram train at Villetanneuse Universite.  The second unit from this end has two trucks. The first and last driving units have a truck at the outer end while the third unit in has a truck at the far end

Tram T8 at Villetanneuse Universite
The rain was getting worse so I decided to return to Saint Denis Porte de Paris and catch the metro line 13 all the way south to Chatillon Montrouge where the rain was even worse. I caught the T6 rubber tired tram all the way through from Chatillon to Viroflay Rive Droit. There is a long continuous climb out of Chatillon and a long downhill stretch into a long tunnel under Viroflay. The trams are guided by one rail and the weight is carried on rubber tires. The ride was not bad as the roadway is all concrete. However, it was nowhere near as smooth as on a steel wheeled tram.

Tram arriving at Chatillon

The Viroflay Rive Droit T8 terminus is way under the Viroflay RER line L station
I made my way in pouring rain to the RER line L station which is directly above the tram terminus and caught a new Z50000 train right into Saint Lazare.
One of the stainless steel trains had a blazon
New paint scheme on a Z50000 unit.

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