Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday 23 December - Christmas Shopping

I think Penn would have received a million dollars for a picture like this.
A Sybic 26008 was in the pocket as I walked up to the Batignolles Organic Market this morning.  The railway doesn't use this short siding very much any more
The ornate entrance to Rome metro station with Sacre Coeur in the background. The market is just behind there.
I wanted to buy a Camembert. There were three cheese mongers in the market but only one had any customers so I joined the line.  It took 15 minutes to be served.  People were buying enormous quantities of cheese and it had to be just right.  There was a discussion over each piece and very often a chip was passed over to taste. There were a lot of people and a great deal of discussion yet the sound level was just above a whisper.  The only person with a raised voice was an American who had to be served in English.  The two servers were very good. One lady customer asked if a particular cheese was good - the reply was a laughing "Mais non!".  

We went along the rue Levis to buy some things for Christmas Day on Monday.

A panhandler had set up a sign 

Square des Batignolles

Square des Batignolles

In the Square de Levis a small tent was set up for the kids

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