Monday, December 25, 2017

Monday 25 December - Christmas Day

I went out early to Diva et Chocolat to get a couple of croissants and a baguette.  It was dull and rainy and there were very few people around.  The boulangeries were open as was the charcuterie, green grocer, fish shop and the specialty meringue shop.

Red: Julienas Beaujolais, 
White: Valencay 

Foie gras de canard with fig chutney on gingerbread

Shrimp and lobster mousse
A little later we took a walk through Parc Monceau and were surprised to see several green parrots eating the bright orange fruit of the persimmon tree.  It turns out there are several thousand parrots living wild in the Paris - Ile de France area. 
On a wall on the rue des Dames
Invader has been busy since 1998 decorating the walls of Paris with ceramic tile mosaics of Space Invaders, an iconic Japanese video game from the seventies

Gambas sauvage

Gambas sauvage on a bed of caviar de tomates
There was another short break for a walk around the Square des Batignolles.  By this time (around 1400) virtually all of the establishments had closed and everywhere was very quiet.
Wall art near the Square des Batignolles
Magret de Canard with potatoes, broad beans, brussels sprouts and tomatoes
I actually did some cooking today. The duck was very good 
Camembert, Epoisse, Pont l’Eveque
The cheeses have been stinking up pour fridge for several days trying to get out. The camembert was very good.
Buche de noel 
An indulgence from Le Notre
Calisons, nougat, marron glace, chocolate orange peel, sugared almonds, chocolate nuts

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