Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday 31 December - An Interesting Walk on New Years Eve.

There was a threat of rain and high winds today and the Square des Batignolles was closed because of the risk of falling tree branches.
The Parc Martin Luther King was open. It is quite new and the trees are not mature enough to have falling branches. The parc is very well used and this will become even more so when the immense development is completed.
We walked up to Monceau Parc which was not closed, stopping on the way to admire the work on the Banque de France building onthe Boulevard de Malsherbes. It is magnificent.
An ornate drainpipe picked out in gold and black

The detail is amazing
We wandered a little off the beaten track in Monceau and found an ancient plane tree that was planted in 1814 - it is 203 years old and still counting.
Planted in 1814

There were three green parrots exploring the nooks and crannies in this wonderful tree

Three parrots in this picture
The New Years Eve celebration was at Aux Iles Marquises - more about this later.

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