Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thursday 21 December - Irving Penn at the Grand Palais

The weather was strange today. Everywhere was pretty wet although there was no actual rain - it was like a fine Irish mist.

There was an exhibition of the photographic works of Irving Penn at the Grand Palais. He produced a large number of prints for Vogue and similar magazines.
Woman with a real chicken hat.  To quote Winston Chrchill "Some chicken".
I liked the series of prints in the "Small Traders" section.


Engine driver, London 1950, preparing to oil around

Locomotive Fireman London 1950. Carrying the heavy oil cans for his mate.
We walked back up the Champs Elysees and past this Russian church near the Parc Monceau.
Dinner this evening was at Le P'tit Canon which was busy as usual. We started by sharing a plate of anchovies (pickled but not salty as from a can) and ended by sharing a tarte tatin. We each had a gogot d'agneau (lamb shank) which was very good but a ;ot of meat in a rich broth with plenty of vegetables. Maybe we should have shared the lamb as well.
The Cheverny was a good red to accompany the lamb

Good job I had made a reservation.

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