Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday 17 December - Rue de Mouffetarde

Sundays are the time to go to Mouffetarde because of the high market activity and the traditional  singing and dancing with the piano accordion at the bottom end.  The weather was good with temperatures around 5 degrees and with a sunny sky.

The Monge market is always busy on Sundays with huge line ups for fruit vegetables, meat., fish and cheese.

Walking down we could hear trumpets and trombones of  band which was attracting a good crowd.
Everyone was swaying to the beat and the young kids were mesmerized.

A bouquet of macarons
At the bottom end of the street the piano accordion was only just getting under way so we went into a restaurant for a pretty good meal.
The confit de canard was very good but filling - love the mustard
I had a pichet of Cahors - the black wine.

After lunch we passed back and found the singing and dancing in full swing.
We walked back to the Jardins de Luxembourg and Saint Sulpice, stopping off for a hot chocolate.

Next to the Pantheon
The Pantheon

This hot chocolate was like a liquid chocolate pudding
The pond in front of the Senate at the Jardins de Luxembourg has been drained. The ducks have left and the seagulls are wandering around looking lost. I suppose the kids will have to go to the Tuileries to sail their boats.

The ponies did not have any takers - Pantheon in the distance


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