Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday 18 December - Lunch at Le P'tit Canon and concert at La Madeleine

This plaque on the plane tree indicates that it was planted in 1840
 It was a beautiful sunny morning and Le Square des Batignoles was at its best.  We had lunch at Le P'tit Canon with Georgina, who is the Perfectly Paris Greeter, and Colleen who is renting in rue de Saussure.
Georgina's dog sat in her lap all through lunch and was very good, she slept most of the time and never made a sound.
As usual, the meal was excellent (lentils with marinaded salmon, scallops, terrine, veal) we had white and red wines, the red being Cheverny and the white being Quincy. There was a large birthday party in the next table who were having a fine time. Towards the end the birthday boy put on a rugby shirt and held up a rugby ball, then several men tried to scrum down, front row only thank goodness. The entire restaurant sang "bonne anniversaire" and he blew out the candles on a cake that Isabel had prepared. It was a great lunch. 

Afterwards Mary and I walked down to La Madeleine for a concert given by the Chester school choir and brass band. It was quite well done although there was no program so it was not clear what was being performed. The acoustics of the building helped the sopranos and the trumpets.

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