Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday 13 December - L'Entrecote and Star Wars

Rain was forecast for today and it was spitting as we set out to walk to L'Entrecote near the Porte Maillot.  It is always a pleasant walk especially along the rue des Ternes where we always stop to look in the window of the patisserie.  They even have fougeres (top right) which is not very common in Paris.

We arrived in good time at the restaurant and were able to wait in the covered and heated area.  With no reservations taken it is first come first served and the door is not opened until midday.  The meal is always the same -  a lettuce salad with walnuts and a mustard dressing then steak and frites.  The only decisions one has to make are how the steak is cooked and which of the five red wines to choose.  We both chose seignant because the second helping of steak stands a little while,  The frites are thin and crisp and our plates were piled high.
The vacherin always generates comments from our neighbours.  The tables are placed so close together that almost always we have a conversation with the people around us.

From Porte Maillot we walked past the Etoile and down the Champs Elysees and were in good time for the Star Wars movie which opened today.  

It was raining when we came out and so we took the metro back home.

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