Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday 11 December - Aux Iles Marquises

We got off to a slow start this morning - still feeling the effects of jet lag. However we managed to get over to the rue Gaite by 1230 and were delighted to find Mme Thiery still in control.  We were greeted with open arms and our reservation for New Years Eve was confirmed.

The restaurant was busy with a number of groups celebrating the holiday season but the food was superb. Mary started with crab while I had the terrine.  The main courses were beyond compare.

I had the kidneys in a wonderful sauce with fungi, peas, potato and grognes. The sauce was out of this world

Mary had cendre, it was so good that she couldn't wait for me to take the photo.
For the past several years M. and Mme have been threatening to retire but we are pleased that we can still get such incredibly good meals there.

We then made our way back to Saint-Lazare to take a look at the window displays along boulevard Haussmann. We felt the displays at Le Printemps were excellent this year but the interior decoration in the art deco dome of Galleries Lafayette was spectacular.  The sidewalk was not excessively crowded although the store itself was full up with Asian tourists anxious to spend their money.

A G scale train in Le Printemps window.
We found the Marks and Spencer Food Store which was supposed to have closed during the year and stocked up on items such as Battenburg cake and digestive biscuits.

The one disappointment of the day was at the Gare Saint Lazare where the La Vie du Rail bookstore was closed because of flooding.  They have an alternative store close by which I will visit later. On the good side I saw one of the new trains in platform 2, previously the haunts of the much older stainless steel trains running to Versailles.  They should all be replaced in the near future.
How the post goes through at Saint Lazare

New train on platform 2 Saint Lazare.

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