Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday 14 December - Saint Lazare

Ste Trinite church looked good during a short period of sun
The weather was very variable today with light rain and sunny periods. I visited a few model shops in the rues D'Amsterdam and Douai then made my way to the gare Saint Lazare. 

The nez casses from the 1970s are still very much in evidence on the main line trains
The ugly 273xx locomotives work push pull suburban services
The new seven unit Z50000 trains are beginning to take over the older stainless steel trains
It won't be long before the traction motor whine of these stainless steel units will be a thing of the past
It seems that trains on lines J and L were disrupted today as a result of labor action following an attack on a train conductor earlier today. I wondered why there were so many SNCF staff hanging around.

Dinner this evening was at a new pizza place that has opened just down the street. We started with this cheese stuff.

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