Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday 20 January - More train riding

I wanted to sample the fairly new Francilien trains working out of Saint-Lazare to I made a return trip to Ermont Eaubonne.

The ride was good and the heater was working well in this cold weather. It was a quick trip out and the options for going further north were a little limited so I decided to come straight back to Saint-Lazare.  On the way out I saw one of the old electric locomotives, 17075, working a train of empty stock.

Back at Saint- Lazare I decided to investigate the line to Saint-Nom la Breteche.  This is worked by the old electric trains which will be replaced in a few year and makes a connection with part of the reopened Grand Ceinture line which runs to Saint-Germain en Laye through the back way - the main way to Saint-Germain en Laye is via RER line A. The trains, although old, seem reliable and there is a 15 minute service.  When starting, after the doors had been closed, there was a thump as the motor engaged and then it would take off with quite good acceleration.

Saint-Nom la Breteche was a surprise.  It is a junction in the middle of nowhere.
Saint-Nom la Breteche with a train departing for Saint-Germain en Laye. The "terminus" of the line from Saint-Lazare is out of the picture on the right.
The area traversed from Saint-Cloud is well wooded but with many small communities, obviously pretty wealthy. 
Back at Saint-Lazare I took this picture of more street art in the Cour de Rome
This evening we sampled some Marks and Spencer chinese style duck in plum sauce with basmati rice.  It was pretty good although the sauce was a little sweet. We opened a bottle of french red wine from Monoprix at a price of euros 1.90.  It was light with a little tannin but quite drinkable.

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