Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday 28 January - Le Relais and Regents Park

We went first to Marylebone station to renew our Two Together Railcard.  The place was very busy indeed - certainly not the sleepy station I remember. Baker Street and Marylebone Road provided a great deal of interest to while away the time before lunch at one of the London restaurants of Le Relais de Venise.

A large banner in Marylebone concourse advertises the recently started service to Oxford.

The Golden Eagle provided a half pint while we waited for the restaurant to open.
Le Relais has the same formula as the original one at Porte Maillot with one or two minor variations. The steak was not as tender as in Paris but the fries were as good.  Portions were a little larger and the signature sauce was very good.

The Vacharin was good although the Chantilly cream was heavier than in Paris, the ice cream was good.
 We had intended to visit the Wallace collection after lunch but with the weather looking good this afternoon and not so good tomorrow we decided to walk around Regents Park.  There were a great number of water birds, swans, geese, ducks, herons, moorhens, grebes, coots and gulls.
There is a large heronry in the park with at least 12 nests.

Feeding frenzy

It was good to see a large number of tufted ducks which come here to winter
With all this avian activity there was also a lot of human activity, several rugby and football (soccer) games were in progress.

We took the 74 bus back to Gloucester Road riding the top deck to see the sights. 

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