Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday 24 January - Forfait Anti-pollution

 The air pollution is still bad in Paris and a special deal was announced by the RATP.  A FDorfair Anti-pollution ticket was available at the ticket machines for 3.80 euros giving transport on train, bus, metro and tram in the entire Paris region.  The equivalent Mobilis ticket would have cost 17.50 euros.

I had intended to go from Saint-Lazare to Versailles Chantier, transferring at La Defense.  From Versailles the plan was to take RER line C on the big circle route through Austerlitz and Massey-Paliseau back to Versailles Rive Gauche.  However there was a problem between Juvisy and Massey-Paliseau and trains were being cancelled in the opposite direction so there was a quick change of plan.  I went to Viroflay Rive Gauche and caught the rubber tired tram T6 in the new tunnel back to Montrouge and then Metro line 13 to Saint-Lazare. From there it was a short hop to Pont Cardinet and back to the apartment via the Square des Batignolles.

Viroflay RG

Viroflay RG tram station


This plane tree was planted in 1840 well before Canada's confederation.

It looked quite pleasant at the Square des Batignolles but there was a dusting of snow in the outskirts.

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