Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday 31 January - Wallace Collection.

WE had to wait at least 15 minutes fir a Circle line train to Edgware Road. I was surprised to see that bullhead rail was still in use on the Circle line at Gloucester Road.  It must have been rolled many years ago.

We visited the Wallace Collection last year but it made such an impression on us that we decided to go again.  It comprises the collection of some five generations of Wallaces and it is now owned by the state.  It is housed in a beautiful large house and admission is free. The rooms are all beautifully decorated and the collection is well exhibited.  It is noteworthy not only for the depth and quality of the paintings, furniture, porcelain, armor etc. but every piece is properly restored and shown to the best advantage.  The rooms have been recently restored and the wall coverings blend very well with the exhibits.

This large room is very impressive, it stretches the width of the house

An old soldier returns home and has his nose tweaked bu a young child

There was a roomfull of Canalettos

The furnishings and colors here are spectacular

We found after a couple of hours that we needed a break and went first to a pub then to dim sum at a place on Baker Street. It was good and fresh but we had to order from the menu.

After this we wandered around and eventually finished up at Piccadilly circus.  Lots of expensive stores with well known brand names.  All with a man in a dark suit on guard at the door.

Some of the buildings were exquisite

Royal Arcade

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