Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday 16 January - Tram riding

I took RER line E from Saint-Lazare Hausseman out to Noisy le Sec.  First time I have seen this four track terminus under Saint-Lazare.  At Noisy le Sec I took tramway T1 as far as Saint-Denis Marche This has always been a busy line and the STIF really needs larger capacity trams.
Noisy le Sec

The rubber tired tramway T5 was also busy and trams were running around five minute intervals. The ride was quite smooth, not quite as good as the steel wheeled trams but there doesn't seem to have been any deterioration and the acceleration is blistering hot. I rode the T5 out and back to the terminus at Garges Sarcelles.
Marche Saint-Denis

Garges Sarcelles. Although there is a very short turnround time there is a cleaner to go through each tram

One of the center sections. The trams run on four axles for a total of eight tires

At a couple of locations I noticed the new tram trains for line T11 on trial on the SNCF. I don't think this is due to come into service until 2018.

At Saint-Denis Marche I walked alongside the tramway to Basilique Saint-Denis and took the metro back to Saint-Lazare where I picked up a Marks and Spencers prepared meal for supper (Lamb Shoulder Rogan Gosh and Vegetable Massala with Bismati Rice.

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