Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday 15 January - Mouffetarde

We took the metro to Place Monge and started to look for a better place to have lunch than the Bistrot Mouffetarde which was a great disappointment last time we were in the area. The food was not good and the service was unfriendly. We went right down to the end of the street where they were dancing and singing to the accordion and found the Cave la Bourgogne.  The server, Jennifer, made us welcome and crawled under the table to add a wedge to prevent it from rocking. Mary had the gigot d'agneau and I had the confit de canard, both of which were excellent although the servings were very large indeed. The house red was an excellent Cahors black wine.  The place was lively and service attentive.


Duck confit over a great mound of fried potatoes
After such a heavy lunch we decided to walk back, passing the Pantheon and stopping in for a hot chocolate.


Eglise de Sainte-Genevieve

Eglise de Sainte-Genevieve

Amorino's hot chocolate is rather like a soup.
A little old lady was fussing over a bicycle that was chained to a post blocking the sidewalk.  She was bent over double trying to reach to valve to let out the air on the front tire.

It was beginning to rain and we were quite wet by the time we reached La Madeleine.  The organ concert started off well with a piece by J.S. Back but then the full power of the organ was used for the second item by Max Reger.  The volume was so loud that the melody was lost and I walked out. The organists here seem to feel it important to demonstrate the power of the organ to the detriment of the music. 

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