Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday January 14 - La Villette park and the Canal

The weather is turning colder but it was bright this morning so we decided to take the metro to Porte de la Villette and walk along the canal towards the centre of town.  It became progressively colder and started to rain so that we turned west and walked along to the Gare de l'Est where we caught a no. 30 bus back to Villiers.

The only thing of note was the large number of cormorants, many of which were perched in a tree to dry their wings.  The canal must support a large fish population to support this number of birds, an indication that the water is healthy.

These steps lead right down to a tree trunk.  If they hadn't wanted to remove the tree it might have been possible to move the steps which were heavily used by joggers.

Junction of two arms of the canal with another tree being used by cormorants

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