Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday 8 January - Espace Dali Montmartre

It was milder today and we enjoyed the walk up to Montmartre.  A large city work crew was trimming trees along the boulevard de Clichy. On a Sunday.
This jazz band on rue Lepic were drawing a large crowd.  They were very good indeed.
The Dali Museum was a little confusing because almost the entire space was given over to work by Joann Sfar who modeled his work on the concepts deeloped by Dali.  It was difficult to see what works were by Dali and what were those of Sfar.  The whole thing seemed to be aimed at getting rich people to buy exclusive works which were Dali "originals".

We walked back down the steps and along the rue des Abbesses.

This brioche de feuillite is not avilable all the time because it is a lot of work.

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