Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday 22 January - Le Pied de Cochon

Another beautiful, bright, cloudless, sunny day today, maybe a little warmer than yesterday.  We walked down to Le Pied de Cochon via Saint=Lazare, the Opera and the Bourse.  We had a leisurely lunch and then walked back.
The Opera

The  Escargot on Montorgueuil specializes in snails

We shared a dozen oysters

The Onion soup gratine was excellent. On lady near us used a knife and fork to eat it.

I had liver

Mary had scallops with risotto

The lamps are a key feature of the room
As a complete meal this could not be faulted.  The service was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient while the food was well prepared and presented. We walked happily back along the way we had come.

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