Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday 23 January - Invalides

The Invalides museum has an interesting exhibition called "Gueres Secretes" which covers agents, ways of obtaining information as well as the various pieces of equipment that have been used for obtaining information and misinformation over the years.
A radio transmitter concealed inside an oil can

Ab exploding rat that was put in steam locomotive coal tenders to be shovelled into the fire where it would explode

A wristwatch transmitter

A pen that can be converted into a gun
A cigarette case with a cigarette that is a gun

Tools os the trade

Copy of the original enigma machine

Toilet paper with a message
A fascinating exhibit although one wonders how much of the special equipment was actually used. There was a fair amount of fiction in here as well, particularly from spy movies, for example a large model of James Bond's Aston Martin. 

It felt quite a bit colder today as the air was damp and misty.

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